Hello Family & Friends!!

Thank you all so much for being a part of our lives and our wedding in 2016.

Kyle and I beyond excited to finally be married and have a celebration with our friends and family! We have had many adventures together over the last 5 years and we can't wait to officially experience life together as Mr. & Mrs. Roedler! 

As you all know, Kyle and are both self-employed. Thus, we don't have a traditional retirment fund/401K. 

In leui of typical "wedding gifts" and boring registries, Kyle & I are giving our wedding guests the option of donating to a Roth IRA  to assist us in starting our retirement fund. All donations on this site will be directly forwarded into our Roth IRA through USAA Bank.

We genuinely appreciate your considerations and ANY donation amount that you wish to contribute to our retirement as we build our life together is genuinely appreciated!!


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